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Very basic lighting tutorial

Tutorials can be scary. It’s true. Either you just don’t get it and feel stupid, or you sort of get it but the example art is so good that you feel like giving up because you can’t replicate it even slightly.

Well DON’T WORRY. I am here. I also cannot art well. I am also intimidated. Boost your ego by drawing significantly better than me as we struggle to understand concepts together! I will flail my baby flails in my art program and then document what I have learned in these tutorials.



Breaking your hearts since ever
Tagged by :iconmiss-mal:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters (doesn't have to be 8).
4. Post their names along with their creators deviantArt names.

Lilly Teal

1. Lilly's full name is Lady Lillian Margrete Alexandrina Elizabeth Woodward-Teal. Big names... ran in the family.

2. Her greatest desire and greatest weakness is the overpowering urge to feel loved and useful. One could argue she's willing to take 'useful' over 'loved' if that's all she can get.

3. While she initially ran from memories of her family, she paradoxically did so by losing herself in music, theatre and literature, which are the strongest reminders of her family.

4. She has a British accent that unintentionally takes on an Irish lilt when she sings many songs, on account of her cousins teaching them to her.

5. Lilly will fold completely in front of a dominant personality, whether in friendships or relationships.

6. But if you hurt or upset her friends or loved ones, all bets are off.

7. Lilly has a guilty fascination for classical gothic literature, because she loves anything expressed beautifully even if its dark and intense.

8. It's nearly always wrong, she is a terrible judge of character, but she still insists on wanting to believe the best in people. She doesn't have a suspicious bone in her body.

I tag :iconharpandstars: for Lawrence Coleridge

and :icontricksybird: for Rowan Keane


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Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I came across some old myspace pics of 'Thussday', Waul, and all that, from way back when. I was wondering if I may have permission to post the Thussday one on Tumblr?

I ask because that picture along with most of the old GMD stuff we did was the inspiration behind my webcomic, and I figured it'd be fun to share a bit of history. Ratigan's posse was molded and changed to become Pat's posse in the webseries, lol, and they all look radically different.
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